Welcome to The Diecast Hall of Fame 2.0!

Since its foundation in 2009, the DHOF has grown into one of the diecast community’s best-known and favorite events. Over the years, more than 170 inductees have passed into its annals, including luminaries like Carroll Shelby, Jay Leno and Larry Wood.

Now, collectors from all over are coming together from as far afield as Europe and South America to bring new life into the annual event.

New collaborators include DiecastX, hobbyDB, the Lamley Group, Model Auto Review, T-Hunted and more. We’ll all be working together to take DHOF to the next level, introducing new Model of the Year awards and a new spin on customizing competitions!

For the next few months, until an event producer joins the coalition, hobbyDB will be running the online aspects of the event. We hope you’ll join us on this new adventure in diecast and look forward to welcoming you along for the ride!


Christian Braun
The Diecast Hall of Fame