Let the voting begin!

Diecast Hall of Fame Selection Process

We’re switching things up a bit at the Diecast Hall of Fame! To begin the selection process, we asked you to nominate your favorite diecast legends. Anyone who you think should be recognized for their outstanding contributions to our community. Nominations were made for the following categories –

Collectors –

  • Automotive Legend – Recognizing those within the industry who have set the bar so high and achieved such success and accolades as to be considered premier automotive legends through design or deed.
  • Collector of the Year – Recognizing those who embody the spirit of the hobby; a dedicated collector who gives back to the community, helps strengthen and grow the hobby and is an all-round diecast star.
  • Diecast Customizer  – Recognizing those who have taken the art of diecast collecting to a new level with their hand crafted design efforts.
  • Diecast Designer – Recognizing those who provide the most accurate and interesting scaled model replication to the community.
  • Diecast Entrepreneur – Recognizing those who have made a successful living while improving the Industry for the collector community.
  • Diecast Historian – Recognizing those who have continued to share their knowledge of the hobby and industry whether in print or on the web digitally with audio, video or static representation

Models issued in the last 12 months –

  • Small Scale (up to 1/64 Scale)
  • 1/43 Scale
  • 1/24th Scale
  • Large Scale (1/18th Scale and Larger)

Brands –

  • Diecast Dealer of the Year – Recognizes a dealer who provides excellent customer service and product offerings to the diecast community through various sales channels.
  • Supplier Brand of the Year – Recognizes an automotive supply brand which goes above and beyond in its support of the diecast community and its collectors through scaled vehicle replication and licensing its company branding to various collectible manufacturers.
  • Novice Diecast Maker of the Year – Recognizes an up-and-coming brand in the industry which has brought an exciting, fresh perspective to diecast modeling.
  • Automotive Brand of the Year – Recognizes a brand or company which has had an exceptional and influential high-profile year within the diecast market, thrilling collectors worldwide with new related models.

The Committee has narrowed it down to the top five nominees per category (people, brand, model). You’re now able to vote on your favorites! The final winners will be selected based on a combination of committee and public votes. Voting will close at the end of July.

Vote for your favorite collectors

Vote for your favorite brands

Vote for your favorite models

Note:  For each category, you can only vote once. Once you submit your votes and email address, you’ll receive an email link you have to click on to confirm your vote. If you would like to vote for all three categories, you will have to submit your information three times.

The winners will be announced at the event in November, so be sure to get your tickets here! As a reminder, all net proceeds will be going to There With Care, a charity that helps families who have children with critical illness. Read the full announcement here.

If you’re interested in becoming a Diecast Hall of Fame Partner, please contact us.